The Storz Connection

This is a guide to using our online store.


On the home page select a category from the left hand side menu.

1 Front of site


On the category page click on the link for the size you want.

2 Storz size selection


Next choose from the list and click on the “Online Shop” link.

3 Thread Size


This brings you to the online shop item page, here you can add the item to your cart. Also, depending on the item there may be a drop-down selector for a choice of seal, if this is there (and it may not be) you must make a selection here otherwise when you click the “Add to Cart” button you will be brought straight back to the same page until you choose a seal.

4 Add to cart1

The site will tell you that you have added something to your cart so from here you can keep shopping, go to your cart (say for a shipping estimate) or go straight to the checkout.

5 Go to shopping cart


This next screen shot shows you the shopping cart and how to do the things in it.

6 Shopping Cart


* A Quick note for customers using mobile. If you go into the cart and need to remove an item or change quantity you may not initially see the buttons to do so, so what you need to do is select the item with your finger or stylus and swipe left (like in screenshot 1) so you can see the buttons (like in screenshot 2)

 Opencart Mobile                                            


If you want to buy more items you can use the store navigation menus to find more items to buy. You can browse items on both the shop and the front of the site’s listings (this is where you first started out) it’s just that some of the items listed on the front of the site are not listed on the shop because we need to be contacted about a price.